Money Making Apps You Need to Know About

Earn money through these money-making apps

When you unlock your phone you see a lot of ways you can entertain yourself. There is YouTube for watching videos, Instagram for checking out pictures and Facebook for talking to grandma. But what if you unlocked your phone and saw each app as a way to make money? There are tons of ways to earn money fast just by using apps on your phone and I want to change the way you see your phone from now on. Here are some apps that you can cash out on:

1. Fluid Market

Do you have a truck or van that just sits around? Say no more, Fluid Market lets you rent out your truck or van to people in your area, in turn, getting you paid. Your vehicle is no good just sitting in your driveway, so list it on Fluid Market’s money making app. It is an easy way to earn some extra cash for pretty much doing nothing. Also, if you need to use a bigger truck for yourself, they have a lot to choose from.

Download Fluid Market here: Fluid Market

2. MoolaBag

Nobody should have to do a survey and not get paid for their input. Your voice matters and so does your time. MoolaBag is your opportunity to find the highest paying offers from taking surveys for money to playing online games and everything in between. Getting to the online paid surveys is simple by swiping through the “tinder-like” interface of MoolaBag. Brands want to know what you like or dislike about their products and just by taking surveys you can earn rewards. Cash out and receive payment from a wide variety of gift cards.

Download MoolaBag here: MoolaBag

3. Foap

By uploading your photo collection, you could be collecting a paycheck with Foap. Well-known brands are looking for photos to use for projects and yours could be purchased. Foap will take 50 percent, but they have the platform and clientele. Take pictures with a purpose and make money online while doing it.

Taking pictures with Foap is a money making app that is really easy

Download Foap here: Foap

4. Acorns

Warren Buffet and Jordan Belfort didn’t make their vast wealth overnight. They invested and waited for the market to do its thing. With Acorns, you can be introduced to investing by rounding up your purchases and that money is invested. I know it seems like a small amount, but those cents add up to dollars quick. This money making app stashes your acorns and when you want to pull the money out, you can.

Download Acorns here: Acorns

5. Honey

There isn’t anything much sweeter than honey. They search the internet for the best coupon codes for online purchases and get you great deals. Although this doesn’t make you money, it saves you money, which is just as good. I have personally used Honey and didn’t think Amazon prices could get cheaper, but with Honey they did. Honey is your shopping personal assistant and better yet is free to everyone.

Money making apps that save you money rather than earn.

Download Honey here: Honey

Your phone is no longer just a device to waste time on. The apps you use are saving and earning money. Whether it’s making money online through paid surveys or selling quality pictures to brands, money making apps are simple. Find your side-hustle and start earning quick by downloading these free apps.